MTI Regulatory Impact Task Force Digging Into Air Quality and Decarbonization

Posted By: Tom Morrison Community,

Following the live webcast on California's Air Quality Standards and Federal Decarbonization Rules, the newly established MTI Regulatory Impact Task Force quickly became active in May.

In April, Task Force Chair Michael Mouilleseaux of Erie Steel, along with Heather Falcone from Thermal-Vac Technology, and James Spinicelli from the California Metals Coalition (CMC) offered an insightful presentation during MTI’s Monthly Live Webcast. They thoroughly examined the proposed rules and regulations, discussing their potential to increase compliance costs for all heat treaters—a significant revelation for the industry.

In early May, Michael Mouilleseaux and Heather Falcone spearheaded a discussion with MTI Members in the Midwest, highlighting the significant consequences of these regulations and exploring collaborative strategies to mitigate their impact.

Later in May, the entire Regulatory Impact Task Force will convene to approve several key initiatives:

  • A concise summary of the effects of the proposed Decarbonization rules.
  • A joint action plan with the California Metals Coalition aimed at reducing the impact of these rules on California's Air Quality Standards.
  • A strategy to partner with Member heat treaters for conducting tests at their facilities to gather robust data sets. These data sets will demonstrate to California’s rule-making committee that emissions from heat treating plants are not as high as documented.

It’s crucial to recognize the significance of these developments in California, as they are likely to influence environmental regulations in other states through the EPA.

The task force is committed to diligently crafting their action plan, as decisions on air quality regulations are expected by the end of the third quarter.

If you missed the live webcast and want to catch up on these critical issues, CLICK HERE to view the replay—it’s a real eye-opener.

If you would like to attend the next planning meeting of the CMC and hear the inside scoop, details of the meeting are as follows:

DATE:  May 21

TIME:  1 pm ET


Meeting ID: 827 082 9577

Passcode: 4884

Stay informed and engaged on these matters, as they pose a real risk of excessive regulation.  We are MTI Strong!