Jobs of Tomorrow Workforce Development

With the labor shortage being the #1 pain point and obstacle to future growth of MTI Member companies, the Metal Treating Institute is excited to announce that the Board of Trustees approved the most progressive strategy in heat treating for workforce development, called Jobs of Tomorrow. Jobs of Tomorrow is focused on helping attract the next generation of workers to the heat treating industry.  

Click video below  to hear about Jobs of Tomorrow strategy.



Video to Watch the MTI's Webcast Launching the Vision for the Jobs of Tomorrow Strategy

Other industries are already involved in the Jobs of Tomorrow strategy, including: supply chain, mining, and package distribution.  Click the video to hear leaders in these industries share their experience.

CLICK HERE to view the 2022 Season of Jobs of Tomorrow on Amazon Prime.

Each of the videos produced for Jobs of Tomorrow will educate, build awareness and engage viewers on the impact of heat treating on society and why choose an exciting career in the industry.  Viewer will be able to go to MTI's new career development website,, to look up the many exciting opportunities in the heat treat industry. Once on potential workers will be able to access a state-of-the-art job board where Members can post job openings at a savings compared to the many other job boards in the marketplace. 

MTI’s President, Ryan Fussell from Southwest Commercial Heat Treating, stated, “The Board is very excited about the Jobs of Tomorrow strategy. It is going to give all heat treaters and suppliers the promotional tools they need to market in their local communities the career and job opportunities available in this great industry. And the fact that the episodes will appear on major streaming services gives us access to potential workers we could never reach before. Having our own job board connected to Jobs of Tomorrow just adds greater value to the membership of MTI.
MTI CEO, Tom Morrison, states, “It is an exciting time to be a Member of MTI. The leadership is laser-focused on helping Members win the battle on workforce development and drive a new generation of workers to the heat treating industry.”
MTI Members have the opportunity to invest $2,500 in Jobs of Tomorrow to bring vital digital tools and resources to drive your job recruitment in your local market.  

For your investment, you will receive: 


Your company will receive a special video player branded with your logo linked to the 6-minute version on the Jobs of Tomorrow video series.  Your video player will also include a link that you tell us where you want to send viewers as the action step for more information on jobs with your company.

CLICK HERE to view 6-minute video. 


You will also receive five complimentary job posting on MTI's job portal when launched on in 2024.


Special access to the set of 6 videos in the docuseries and 12 shorter videos to use in your local high schools, tech schools, and colleges, to promote careers at your facility.

The leadership of MTI asks you to become an industry partner in Jobs of Tomorrow, and together drive a new influx of workers to the Membership of the Metal Treating Institute. Click the link below to join the movement with your $2,500 investment. 

CLICK HERE to Invest in Jobs of Tomorrow for Your Company 

For more information feel free to contact Tom Morrison at 904-249-0448 x103 or