MTI Technical Standards Hosts Virtual Update

Posted By: Tom Morrison Community,

On June 27 the leadership of the MTI Technical Standard Committee delivered the latest report on all key activities pertaining to CQI-9, ASTM, AMEC Committee, and Nadcap. These virtual quarterly updates are a must see for any heat treat plant quality team.

The conversation on this report revolved around updates on specifications and audit compliance checklist, including the addition of new processes and technologies. Members discussed the importance of keeping up with these changes to remain compliant and the challenges of interpreting and implementing the changes in specifications. It was stressed that Members should get involved on these spec writing task force and committees to help write the rules before they ever become law on an audit checklist.  Anyone interested in getting involved should reach out to Tom Morrison at

The following are the summary points from each section:


  • Discussed updates to process tables, including adding processes like induction scan hardening, continuous induction hardening, laser hardening and sintering.
  • Continuing to update the Pyrometry section. 
  • Committee members resisted adding carbon footprint requirements, citing complexity and potential impact on suppliers. Committee’s focus is to maintain CQI-9 as a heat treatment standard. 
  • CQI-9 hopes to finalize heat treat specification revision by end of next year.


  • Discuss upcoming revisions to E18, E92, E112, and E384 with changes clarifying language and closing loopholes.
  • Highlight ongoing work to overhaul metallography specs from scanned images to digital photos, with ASTM affiliation recommended for those interested.
  • New imaging technology is being integrated into the metallography standards as it has been recognized that many are out of touch with modern technology
  • ASTM aims to integrate digital technology with analog requirements, but will not abandon older technology entirely.
  • Many metallography related specifications are being updated or created to include automated image analysis and what calibration of a digital system really means
  • Charpy impact testing (E23) has had a substantive update

AMEC Committee

  • Updates to ASM 2750 and 2770, with changes for heat treaters.
  • Updates status of various standards, including 2770 and 2759/11, 2759/13.
  • Upcoming AMEC meeting in Waterloo, Iowa will cover 2770, 2759/11, 2759/13, and ARP 1962.
  • November AMEC meeting will discuss specs 2759/5, 2759/7 and vacuum-related work.


  • New chair was introduced for heat treat task group. Mark Emerson from Rolls Royce is stepping down and Jeff Koss from Boeing will be new chair.
  • Discussed concerns about MTL's certification process and its impact on the industry.
  • Clarification that MTL's certification only covers the final inspection and does not validate previous processing.
  • Discussion on sending parts to an outside lab for heat treat testing, raises concerns about additional costs, checklists, and audit time.
  • Airbus, Boeing, and European Union Aviation Safety Agency may not recognize new AC 7102/5 accreditation. Would recognize 7101/5 and accompanying slash sheets.

ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13485

  • ISO9001:2015 Amendment March 2024, paragraphs 4.1 and 4.2: Discuss the relevance of checklist and questions on climate change in their industries and how it may impact their management systems.  Contact your registrar or accrediting body for more information.

MTI’s Technical Standards Committee is made up of 20+ heat treaters and suppliers who meet quarterly to discuss all the activities and specifications under review or ballot.

Mark your calendar for MTI’s next Technical Standards virtual update on September 10 at 2 pm ET.  CLICK HERE to RSVP.