MTI Jobs of Tomorrow and Job Board Become a Reality

Posted By: Tom Morrison Community,

The MTI Board of Trustees and the Heat Treat 4.0 Task Force are thrilled to announce the launch of the MTI Jobs of Tomorrow docuseries. This engaging and informative series, comprises six professionally produced, 22-minute episodes that cover:

  • The fundamentals of heat treating
  • How heat treating moves the world
  • Innovations within the heat treating industry
  • Reasons to pursue a career in heat treating

These episodes feature insightful interviews with 18 industry members from across the country. The docuseries serves as a dynamic digital tool, perfect for sharing with local high schools, trade schools, and colleges, to educate and build awareness about the meaningful career opportunities in heat treating. Additionally, it's an excellent resource for employees to rekindle their passion for their work and to share with friends and family.

The full docuseries will be available on MTI’s career website,, as well as in the MTI Online Academy as a course for Members to enroll their employees in.

Watch the Full Docuseries: CLICK HERE

In other exciting news, MTI will launch its state-of-the-art job board,, on July 5. This platform will serve as a central hub for attracting the next generation of workers.  


For an investment of $2,500, your company receives access to a branded video player featuring your logo, which can be embedded on your website, showcasing the 6-minute micro-version of the docuseries. This player links to detailed job information for your company. As a bonus, the offer includes five free job postings on our new job portal. Over 25 Member companies have already invested in the Jobs of Tomorrow Workforce Development package. This turn-key package is your marketing solution to driving new workers to your company.

View Full Details on the Special Offer: CLICK HERE

Join the MTI movement to attract the next generation of workers. Share the docuseries with your local schools and colleges to highlight it as a viable career choice, all while raising awareness about the importance of heat treating, not only globally, but in your community.

MTI extends a heartfelt Thank You to the Heat Treat 4.0 Task Force, chaired by Ben Gasbarre of Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems and Heather Falcone of Thermal-Vac Technology, for their dedication and countless hours spent on script and video editing. We also thank the 18 Members who contributed their time, stories, and expertise to bring the Jobs of Tomorrow docuseries to life.

For questions about the Jobs of Tomorrow initiative, or the special offer, please contact Tom Morrison at We are MTI STRONG!