MTI’s Jobs of Tomorrow Launching This Summer

By Tom Morrison posted 19 days ago


The Metal Treating Institute (MTI) is making significant strides with its Jobs of Tomorrow Workforce Development campaign, now rapidly gaining momentum. The initiative's cornerstone, a 6-episode docuseries crafted by MTI's Jobs of Tomorrow Task Force, is nearing completion, and the team is thrilled with the results. To convey the essence of heat treating and its career opportunities, MTI and its production partner, WorkerBee TV are creating a condensed 5-minute version of the series.

To catch a glimpse of this engaging content, CLICK HERE for an exclusive 90-second preview.

More than 25 MTI Members have already embraced the Jobs of Tomorrow recruitment package, investing $2,500 to attract the industry's future workforce. This package offers:

  • A customized video player featuring your company's logo, linking directly to the 5-minute docuseries summary.
  • A tailored "action step" linking to your chosen URL, whether it be your company's site or MTI's
  • Five complimentary job postings on MTI's upcoming state-of-the-art job portal launching this summer.
  • Access to broadcast the full docuseries to local educational institutions.
  • A checklist of best practices for leveraging these digital tools to draw in new talent.

Excitingly, the docuseries is set to premiere on major streaming platforms, including Amazon and Tubi TV, this fall.

MTI President Ryan Fussell, of Southwest Metal Treating, expressesed his enthusiasm: "It's an exhilarating time for MTI Members. We're tackling the industry's pressing challenges head-on, empowering our Members to thrive amidst the rapidly evolving market landscape. Workforce development is crucial, and MTI is equipping us with essential tools for success."

Don't miss out on this transformative opportunity. Dive into the Jobs of Tomorrow initiative to secure the industry's next generation for your team.

CLICK HERE for comprehensive details and to access the Jobs of Tomorrow recruitment package. For inquiries, please reach out to Tom Morrison at

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