YES Management Training Program

What is the YES Program? (See class highlight videos below)

Planning for the 2020 YES Management Training Program has already begun.  When the progam sells out, MTI will confirm all details and move forward with the class. The class sells out every year. If you have a key person in your plant you would like to enroll in the 2020 program, click the link below and register them now.

The YES Management Training Program is a 10 month program where 30+ MTI Member owners, executives, and managers of "all" ages attend 4 training sessions. Sessions 1,  2, and 4 provide intensive and engaging training by The Corps Group in the areas of building high-performing teams, systems management, leadership, and dealing with change in your business. Session 3 provides interactive training on emotional intelligence in the workplace, people skills, and a creative roundtable session.  Participants are required to complete the Heat Treat Technical Specialist Certificate Program on the MTI Online Academy, as well as the Keys to Supervisory Skills.  Over the 10 months, participants build an incredible network of peers who will become friends for life. The program also includes plant tours of  local MTI members that are located in and around the area of the hosting city. The YES program is for any MTI company with an employee who is aiming for the next level in his/her personal growth within the company. Without question, these four sessions are guaranteed to transform the lives of those that participate.



Schedule for 2020 Class Sessions - Exact dates confirmed in early December

SESSION 1:  Feb 19-21 - Embassy Suites - Austin, TX
SESSION 2:  May 20-22 - Embassy Suites - Philadelphia, PA
SESSION 3:  Aug 19-21 - Embassy Suites Cincinnati, OH
  Sep. 30-Oct 2 - Louisville, KY (Graduation at MTI Fall Meeting)


Check out the highlight videos below to see the excitement and energy of YES!


Meet Our Program Facilitators... The Corps Group


Video to Watch Highlights of the YES 2016 Class

Video to Watch Highlights of the YES 2015 Class

 Video to Watch Highlights of the YES 2013 Class

Watch Highlights of the YES 2012 Class

After years of extensive professional training as United States aviators, The Corps Group learned that flying air-craft carrier based fighter jets also equipped them to be successful in the business world. They found that the Leadership Training and Peak Performance processes transitioned from the flight deck to the front office. Their personal experiences in the air and in the executive suite have made them highly sought after inspirational key-note speakers, strategic planning experts, corporate team building professionals, leadership trainers and business consultants. They will share with you how to not only improve execution, but Accelerate Execution!