MTI Launching New Website Enhancements in April

By Tom Morrison posted 19 days ago


The Metal Treating Institute has always strived to lead from the front when it comes to technology that can connect Members to each other, industry discussions, and resources in real-time, 24/7. 

MTI’s CEO, Tom Morrison states, “The market moves fast and changes happens overnight sometimes. It’s important in today’s climate that MTI provide Members the ability to get the resources and information they need to make sound business decisions…fast.”

In April, MTI will launch new enhancements to its website, giving Members more power to manage their Member accounts, connect with each other, access important information, and make payments right from their account.

One of the key new features is the addition of AI around MTI’s website.  The new AI feature is called “WallyBot”, in recognition of long-time Member Wally Bamford, who donated a million dollars in Canadian funds to the MTI Educational Foundation at MTI’s Fall Meeting in 2023. WallyBot will allow Members to ask anything about MTI, including information on benefits, meetings, past webcasts, or any of the 1,300+ articles MTI has published since 2015.

What is secure and safe about MTI’s AI platform, is that it doesn’t talk to or learn from the outside elements of AI, like ChatGPT does. It only learns from, and provides content from, what MTI feeds into it. MTI partnered with a leading technology provider who developed a private AI platform that serves associations and their members.

The goal is to provide Members an easy AI interface that lets you ask questions, and produces back immediate answers that meet your needs.

MTI’s AI Task Force, made up of eight members, have been studying the AI idea for the last year and feel this is a step in the right direction.

Once the new enhancements are launched in April, MTI will send out an email notice for all Members to establish a new password to access the new website platform. MTI will host a live webcast in late April to introduce the new enhancements.

Business is moving fast and MTI’s #1 goal is to make sure Members are in front of the change taking place. If you have any questions, feel free to contact MTI at