Rising Costs Are Your Enemy…An MTI Solution

By Tom Morrison posted 06-23-2022 11:01 AM


As MTI has been meeting with members around the country and having conversations on the key challenges in 2022, knowing how cost and productivity metrics are going comparatively has been a huge topic of conversation.  Operational costs including energy, labor, and raw materials to name just a few are all over the place.

Being able to see how you compare with other heat treaters your size, batch vs continuous, and all heat treaters on key cost metrics, would give your management team inside information to improve productivity and output. 

If managing your costs are giving you anxiety or driving you crazy, guess what?  Everyone is feeling the pinch, but you won’t know where you stand unless you look.  The semi-annual ops cost survey from MTI gives you the “inside information” on where cost trends are headed and how you compare. 

The MTI Benchmarking Committee would like to invite every commercial heat treater to take the time to participate in this very valuable survey.  One MTI member has stated, “It is truly a stress reliever because we all think our costs are going through the roof, and then you get the report and figure out your plant is doing better than most.  It makes going to bed a night easier.”

The MTI Ops Cost Survey compares the following key metrics:

- Total Labor as a % of Sales 
- Total Utilities as a % of Sales 
- Transportation as a % of Sales 
- Maintenance as a % of Sales 
- Health Benefits as a % of Sales 
- Workers Compensation as a % of Sales 
- General & Administrative as a % of Sales 
- Average $ per Order 
- Net Profit as a % of Sales 
- Sales Per Employee 
- Delivery

Once you download your report, you will see your company compared in the following ways:

  • All Companies
  • Companies with a profit
  • Companies with a loss
  • Companies of similar size
  • Top 50% in sales
  • Bottom 50% in sales
  • Type company (batch, continuous, blend of both)

A huge element to keep in mind is that ALL data in the program is secure, confidential, and password protected.  No company can ever see another company’s data.  You simply see the compiled results against your metrics.

The next data entry period starts July 1 through August 15 for the 6 month period ending June 30.  In order to download your report, you will need to input data for the last 2 reporting periods of the 6 months ending Dec 31, 2021 and June 30, 2022.

To view full details including a copy of a sample report, a link to our account setup form and link to input your data if you already are in the program, CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tom Morrison at tom@heattreat.net.