MTI Cybersecurity Committee Releases Checklist & Best Practices Documents

By Tom Morrison posted 4 days ago


At the MTI Winter Board Meeting, one of the key additions to MTI’s strategic plan was the establishment of a Cybersecurity Committee.  This new committee was charged with developing best practices, continual content, and checklists.  All allowing members to gain information and prepare their operations to protect their plants against cyber-attacks.


This committee has been hard at work building the flow of resources and information.  MTI has been pushing out written content on a weekly and monthly basis on keys to effective cybersecurity strategy.


The committee recently hosted a live webcast to begin the discussion as to what steps should be taken in the area of cybersecurity.  CLICK HEREto view the webcast.


MTI is hosting Nick Espinosa, one of the country’s leading experts on cybersecurity, at the MTI 2019 Fall Meeting for one of the educational sessions.


Two key documents that every member will want to read in detail are:


-Checklist on Key Elements to Protect Your Company:  CLICK HERE


-Cybersecurity Best Practices:  CLICK HERE


MTI recommends that you watch MTI’s live webcast with key management and review both of the new documents as well.


MTI will be hosting further webcasts as more resources develop.  Cybersecurity is a serious issue and a reality of future connectivity. Make sure to tap into MTI’s informational resources to help you prepare.  The lack of cybersecurity planning puts your entire business at risk.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tom Morrison at

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