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MTI has 20 key benefits that will add direct value to your company in the areas of finance, sales, marketing, management, liability protection, quality, audit compliance, HR, and training.

This page will help guide you through the programs you can engage in with MTI so you are maximizing the value of your membership and profits to your business.

MTI has a Business Intelligence Data Program that is second to none. 

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Below is a list of MTI’s key benefits with descriptions.  If you have questions on any benefit, or would like to learn how to enroll or participate, contact us at 904-249-0448 or CLICK HERE and select the benefits you would like more information on.

MTI Key Benefits

Protecting the Way You Do Business:   MTI has representation and a coordinated effort of over 80 volunteers on major affiliated groups that impact a heat treating company including Nadcap, CQI-9, AMEC, ASTM, and government regulation through the National Association of Manufacturers and Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters.  This ensures your voice is heard in the rule making process.

Monthly Sales Statistics Survey:  Members submit their monthly sales figures via MTI's third party secured database.  This online platform is confidential, secure, and no other member ever sees your individual numbers.   On the 16th of each month, you are able to download a personalized report that compares your company's performance and trends in sales to others in your local region, as well as nationally.  CLICK HERE to see sample.

Quarterly Sales Forecasting for 1, 2, and 3 Years:  MTI's forecasting partner, ITR Economics takes MTI's monthly sales trends from the sales statistics reporting and using economic formulas, provides a forecast of growth for sales for the next 1, 2, and 3 years.   Once the report is completed for viewing, ITR presents the report in a 3-minute webinar each quarter, discussing the details of the forecasts, as well the various industries that heat treaters service.  What is powerful about this data is that ITR has a proven track record of being 94.7% accurate in predicting the ups and downs in the economy the last 60 years.  This is a key benefit in budgeting for the future when looking at new equipment upgrades or purchases.  CLICK HERE to see sample.

Semi-Annual Operational Cost Survey:  With competition fierce and 1% meaning the difference of winning a bid or not, MTI's Semi-Annual Ops Cost Survey plays a vital role in heat treaters understanding how their costs compare to the competition.  Members submit their key numbers into MTI's online confidential and secure database in February and July each year.  Members can then download a report that shows a trend graph comparing your cost figures to all heat treaters and heat treaters similar in sales size and also type operation (batch, continuous or blend of both) for each metric. Metrics include sales per employee, energy, labor, maintenance, healthcare costs, maintenance and transportation.  CLICK HERE to view sample report.

Annual Wage and Benefits Study:  Labor is one of the largest expenses a heat treater incurs.  Having the ability to see what the industry is paying for hourly wages,  salaried wages, and benefits, plays a key role in hiring new staff, annual reviews, and giving raises.  Having access to this report helps you manage the large expense of labor.  CLICK HERE to see a sample.

Quarterly Industry Sector Forecasts:  MTI, in partnership with the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation, publishes a quarterly report that provides in-depth analysis and 1, 2, 3 year forecasts for the 27 key industrial sectors that heat treaters service including: aerospace, automotive, oil/gas, electronics, medial, mining, agriculture, and appliances to name a few.  This is a must see report.  CLICK HERE to see sample.

MTI Online Academy Training Subscription:  MTI's Online Academy has become the industry leader in technical and managerial training.  With over 200 hours of training, your company's employees can achieve a variety of certifications including  Qualified Furnace Operator, Heat Treat Specialist, and Heat Treat Management Specialist.  MTI's annual subscription allows you to fix your cost for training and receive unlimited use of the 200 hours of training for your employees.  This is the best value in the industry!  CLICK HERE to visit the MTI Online Academy.

YES Management Training Program:   The YES Management Training Program is the "premier" leadership training program in the industry.  Executives who attend the YES program participate in 4 day-and-a-half sessions over 10-months that include: 4-full days of training, 7-plants tours of other heat treat plants, 15+ hours of online training, and a variety of books they must read.  It's challenging, engaging, and energetic, and is guaranteed to change the life of anyone who participates.  CLICK HERE to see full details and videos of the YES Program.

Statement of Limited Liability:  MTI's Statement of Limited Liability, available to our commercial heat treat members, is a legal document that is copyrighted for member use only.  Revised in 2011 by MTI's legal team, it is a form that can be printed on the back of purchase orders, invoices, or statements that you provide to your customers.  By doing business with your company, the statement informs the customer that your liability is limited to two-times the heat treat charges on any job.  **Saved a member from a $5 million lawsuit.

Online Audit Finding Database:  Members can search and view Nadcap/ISO/AS9100 audits by keyword or view audits in full.  Viewing the real time audit findings helps your quality team prepare for future audits and minimize findings within your company.

Industry Support Team:  MTI has a team of professionals in the areas of quality, safety, metallurgy and maintenance support, environmental, labor, and website design available to members for help or to diagnose a problem.  Click INDUSTRY SUPPORT TEAM on the top menu of home page to see our full list of MTI's Industry Support Team.

MTI Connect Mobile App:  Without a doubt, the most extensive resource MTI provides members is the "Members Only Area" and mobile app.  By logging into the "Members Only Area", you immediately tap into a vast array of resources not found anywhere else in the industry.  In the "Members Only Area", you are able to connect with 1,000+ plus executives to gain valuable feedback on any facet of your business.  You can browse the Resource Library, that is filled with financial data, forecasts, marketing documents, and business articles geared at running your business more profitably.  You can also join group discussions on Nadcap, AMEC, Quality, Safety, and Maintenance.  Have a question?  Submit it to the group.  You should have feedback within minutes.  This is a powerful resource.  With MTI's mobile app, you have access to everything MTI in the palm of your hand.

Heat Treating Magazine Advertising Program:  The Heat Treating Magazine program is the "voice" of outsourcing for the commercial heat treater.  Heat Treating Magazine is published every quarter inside of the Industrial Heating Magazine with over 24,000 readers from 16,000 captive heat treaters.  MTI produces content inside this publication that puts focus on the benefits of outsourcing heat treating.   This publication provides a heat treating company the ability to reach the captive marketplace that is within their advertising budget.  CLICK HERE to see Heat Treating Magazine Information.  

Locate a Heat Treater Directory:  MTI publishes a directory of MTI member heat treaters in both print and online in cooperation with Industrial Heating magazine.  Every quarter, all MTI commercial heat treaters are listed by state in our quarterly Heat Treating Magazine.  Members are also included in the online searchable directory administered by Industrial Heating magazine.  This directory is linked to MTI's outsourcing website, for captive manufacturers to search for a heat treater.  The "Locate a Heat Treater" directory is promoted throughout the year to manufacturers all across North America in publications, direct mail, and at the Furnaces North America Business Expo.  CLICK HERE to view the "Locate a Heat Treater" search engine.

Group Energy Purchasing Program With APPI:  Metal Treating Institute has endorsed APPI Energy to provide data-driven procurement solutions that reduce and manage electricity and natural gas supply costs for clients on an ongoing basis. Every day, APPI Energy identifies the wide range of energy supplier prices across the U.S., and the lowest prices available among many vetted, competing suppliers. To take advantage of this membership benefit program, contact Carrie Shepard at APPI Energy at 667-330-1167..  Remember, your clients are someone else's prospects.  Spend time with your customers, not the energy index.  CLICK HERE to see more about APPI and Legacy Energy Group.

Business Insurance:  Sentry Insurance is one of the leading business insurance and workers compensation companies in the country.  They specialize in the metal working industry with an entire division dedicated to the safety and training area of the metals industry.  Your costs are lower when you deal with a company that understands your business.  Sentry understands the heat treating world you live in.  CLICK HERE for more information on Sentry Insurance in the Metalworking Industry.

Attend One or Both National Meetings:  MTI hosts two national meetings each  year that bring 180 to 200  people from across North America for 2-days and 3-nights of great education, energetic social networking events, and the opportunity to refresh and refuel your perspective on your business and the industry.  National meetings are held in the Spring and the Fall.  CLICK HERE to see a gallery of meeting highlight videos.  CLICK HERE to see MTI photo gallery of meetings.

Attend a Regional/Chapter Meeting:  Throughout the year, MTI hosts a series of regional/chapter meetings to get closer to local members.  Meetings take place in the Midwest, Northeast, Canada, and the Great Lakes.  Like national meetings, the regional meetings bring high-energy, education, and social networking allowing members to tap into creative solutions for their company.  MTI's goal is to bring at least one meeting close enough for every member to attend each year.  CLICK HERE to see a gallery of meeting highlight videos.  CLICK HERE to see MTI photo gallery of meetings.

Purchase Print Resource Publications/Training:   MTI offers many printed resources for members to purchase in the areas of safety, environmental, and technical training.  These resources assist in compliance with many government agencies like the EPA and OHSA, as well as ISO and Nadcap.  


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