Heat Treat Management Specialist

The Heat Treat Management Specialist (HTMS) certificate is an upgrade from the HTS certificate, preparing an individual to assume the role of management within a heat treating operation.  The focus is on people skills, attitude, leadership, building teams, eliminating operational waste, strategic thinking, and operational processes.

An individual will obtain the HTMS certificate upon completing 76 hours of training, that includes 60 hours of technical training, plus the 16 hours of management coursework.

The HTMS includes 16 hours of leadership/management training in the following course topics:

- Effective Lean Manufacturing Strategies
How to Rev Up Your Team in a High-Paced Work Environment
- Strategic Thinking and How to Build High-Performing Teams
- Manufacturing...How it Will Come Back with a Vengeance
- Character Traits of Leaders
- Communication and Leadership
- How Effective Leaders Make Quick Decisions
- Leaders Provide the How, Employees Provide the What
- How Leaders Develop Effective Teams
- Leadership and Staff Development
- How Great Leaders Obtain Followers
- Getting What You Want Without a Fight
- How to Calmly NOT Choke the Difficult Person
- Leadership and Attitude
- Leadership and Personality
- Leadership and the Third Person

Upon completion of the requirements, the employer should notify MTI that the requirements have been met and 2 certificates will be mailed to you, one for the employee and one for the employer.

If you have any questions on the HTMS program, feel free to contact our office at 904-249-0448 or info@heattreat.net.  CLICK HERE to visit the MTI Online Academy for Heat Treaters.