MTI Moves Spring Meeting to Amelia Island, FL

By Tom Morrison posted 01-14-2021 09:50


MTI is excited to announce it has received amazing support from the general membership to move the 2021 Spring Meeting to May 3rd-5th, hosted at the Omni Beach Resort in Amelia Island, FL. Amelia Island offers a wide-open environment to host the Spring Meeting with proper safety guidelines and protocols in place.

Amelia Island, Florida offers plenty of outdoor activities including golfing, biking, hiking, nature trails, and beachfront access, all from the Omni Beach Resort. 

MTI's Education Committee has already approved the full slate of speakers that are top experts in their field. The Spring Meeting speaker line-up is as follows:

Laura Stack:   Attack of Productivity Suckers

Laura is one of the foremost experts on time management and scheduling. Everything in a heat treat plan is based upon proper scheduling, yet most employees and many leaders don’t have good time management skills. Laura is going to unpack the keys to effective time management/scheduling and give you tools that you can tap into to increase your team’s time management skills and productivity.

Beau Ganas:  Increasing Profits and Productivity Through KPIs

In today’s fast paced business climate, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are a must in any business. KPIs tell you when to change, where to change…and fast. Knowing what KPIs to monitor and how to monitor, are crucial to using them effectively. Beau Ganas from the Science of Business will dig into the Theory of Constraints and help you understand your KPIs and how to use them to increase productivity and profits.

Chad Sorenson:  New Norms, Lasting Change and Your Bottom Line

Over the past year, COVID-19 has changed everything. Many changes were temporary, but many changes were permanent. Chad Sorenson, President of Adaptive HR Solutions, will provide you with a list of key changes that you need to have on your radar to minimize liability, risk, and enhance employee morale in the future.

FEATURED KEYNOTE:  Rob O’Neill – Navy Seal Team 6

KEYNOTE:  Always Plan…Never Give Up

Rob O’Neill, from Navy Seal Team 6, was a part of the team who was sent in to save Captain Phillips and his team from Somalia pirates. A movie on the Captain Phillips rescue was produced with Tom Hanks in the leading roll. Rob will share with you, through amazing stories, why you should always be planning and to never give up on your plan. Rob will show you how military principles transfer right into your business strategies for thriving and success. You don’t won’t to miss this keynote!

Registration will open on February 1st. You can check out full details of the schedule and speakers by CLICKING HERE.

MTI's Tom Morrison will host a live webcast on January 20th at 2 pm EST with Trent Roffler from the Omni Beach Resort, and MTI's 2021 President, Jim Oakes. During this webcast, you will learn all the details on the Spring Meeting and have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. CLICK HERE to RSVP for the webcast. 

Don't miss this opportunity to connect in with your fellow members in person. We look forward to seeing you online on January 20th.