MTI Donates $52,000 to MTI Educational Foundation

By Tom Morrison posted 12-10-2020 10:28


The Metal Treating Institute is excited to announce the Board of Trustees has approved a year-end donation of $52,000 from the proceeds of the FNA Virtual Conference and Trade Show to the MTI Educational Foundation. 

MTI President, Jim Oakes from Super Systems stated, “Given the impact of COVID on everyone’s business, the Board felt donations may be light in 2021. The Board did not want COVID to have a negative impact on the Foundation’s ability to continue to attract talent to the heat treating industry through scholarships, so it decided to donate an amount that would give the Foundation Board the ability to award the same level of scholarships the past few years.”

The MTI Educational Foundation has awarded 28 scholarships for a total of $142,500 since 2017. 

If you know of any high school or college student in material sciences, engineering, or a trade school, send them the MTI Educational Foundation link at to apply after March 1, 2021. 

The MTI Educational Foundation will be meeting in December to discuss its 2021 scholarship program. For more details on the MTI Educational Foundation, CLICK HERE.

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