FNA 2020: Technical Sessions Announced

By Tom Morrison posted 10 days ago


It is proven that companies that have well-trained employees on trends, technology, and enhancements in their industry minimize errors, and increase productivity and morale. Knowing that, why would you pass on the opportunity to bring your top management to Furnaces North America 2020, where training is our top priority?


FNA is the Metal Treating Institute’s premier event every other year, bringing together over 1,700 decision makers, buyers, and users of heat treat equipment to train, network, and discuss key issues, trends, and technology. This year, FNA 2020 takes place in Louisville, KY on Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2020.


For each Furnaces North America (FNA), a group of heat treaters and suppliers team together to review a long list of abstracts. The absolute best presentations that hit at the heart of technical or training needs for the heat-treating industry are then selected for inclusion in the show’s technical program. This year’s team studied a record number of technical-session applications and have put together 35 highly-informative sessions.


The sessions were divided up into five major tracks:


  • Processes & Quality
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Operations & Productivity
  • Furnace Equipment & Controls
  • Furnace Maintenance


Titles of the 35 sessions are as follows:


  • Using Data Analytics to Improve Operational Efficiency and Customer Communications
  • New Pyrometry Changes AMS-2750F
  • Getting it Done Right: Manage Equipment Maintenance and Alarms with Integrated Software Solutions
  • Process Cooling with VFDs
  • Making a Case for Continuous Furnaces
  • New Heat Treatment Systems for Light Weighting Automotive Component Manufacturing
  • Post Processing of Additive Manufactured AISI 8620 Steel
  • Nitriding and Ferritic Nitrocarburizing of Quenched and Tempered Martensitic Steels
  • Effect of Pyrometry on Metallurgy
  • Automation and Robotics to Improve Process Stability and Repeatability in Heat Treatment
  • Augmented Reality (AR) in Heat Treatment
  • Vacuum Pumps to Cooling Blowers: How Ancillary Systems on Nitriding Equipment can Impact the Bottom Line
  • Why CFC-Fixtures are a Must for Modern Heat Treaters
  • Emissions Reductions that Matter - Advances in Combustion Technologies
  • The Importance and the Proper Way to Monitor Polymer Quenches
  • How to Improve the Performance and Longevity of Induction Tooling Components
  • Vacuum Furnace Best Practices for Greater Reliability and Efficiency
  • Efficiency Gains and Reductions in Furnace Maintenance Through the Use of High Temperature Ceramic Coating Technology
  • The Evolution of Box Furnaces
  • On-Site Gases Generation Eases Furnace Infrastructure for AM Operations
  • Industry 4.0 and IoT Applied to Nitriding Nitrocarburizing and Vacuum Heat Treating Systems
  • How a 3-Stage Methodology Saves Production Costs in Short-Time and Sustainability
  • Economics of Alloy Selection
  • Reducing Furnace Operating Costs: IGBT/MFDC Technology Saves Energy
  • Burner Control Schemes for Gas Fired Heat Treat Furnaces
  • Single Piece Gas Quenching: A Solution to Distortion Failures in Hardening
  • Vacuum Furnaces Were Made for Additive Manufacturing
  • Furnace Controls - The Newest Generation
  • Heat Treat Automation: What the Business Owner Needs to Know
  • How Predictive Maintenance Will Increase Your Profit Margins
  • Will Additive Manufacturing Add or Take Away Heat Treating?
  • The Future of Gas Heating in Industrial Furnaces
  • Permittivity Measurements on a Variety of Light Weight Refractory Materials


Maximize your productivity, profits, safety, morale, and overall effectiveness as a company by bringing your key people to FNA 2020.


CLICK HERE to view FNA Technical Session grid.

CLICK HERE to view full Descriptions of sessions.


Visit www.FurnacesNorthAmerica.com or contact the show office at fna@heattreat.net, for full meeting details and/or to register.

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