MTI Technical Standards Committee Ready For 2018

By Tom Morrison posted 01-09-2018 09:36


Every day you wake up as a heat treater, you are faced with the challenging task of working through the monumental task of heat treat specifications.  Specifications are a much needed set of documents, within the quality process, to insure good products are delivered, but it doesn’t make the challenge of working with them any easier.

In 2018, MTI’s Technical Standards Committee, chaired by Bob Ferry from FPM Heat Treaters and Ed Engelhard from Solar Atmospheres, are poised to be a positive voice within all the standard making bodies for the heat treating community.  The Technical Standards Committee is made up of 20+ heat treaters and suppliers, who meet 3 to 4 times a year, to discuss issues and action plans on how to deal with the ever-changing specifications.

MTI is also represented by Robert Peters from R. Peters Consulting, as our liaison to heat treat specification groups.  Groups include:


  • Automotive Industry Action Group: CQI-9 Automotive Specifications
  • NADCAP: Aerospace Audits
  • AMEC: Aerospace Specifications
  • ASTM: Hardness Testing
  • SAE Additive Manufacturing: NEW Additive Manufacturing Aerospace Specifications


All of these groups will host a total of 15 meetings to review, discuss, and make changes to their respective field(s) of specifications.

MTI, with this committee, leadership, and volunteers, is set to be an active part of each of these groups, playing a key role in the specification process.  There are a lot of major issues being looked at to be finalized in 2018, which could mean big change(s) to your quality department.  Changes include:


  • Portable Hardness Testing
  • AMS 2759 and Slash Specs
  • CQI-9
  • Interpretation of 2759 Changes by Nadcap
  • New Additive Manufacturing Specs Being Developed


Stay apprised of all information that MTI releases on the activities of the Technical Standards Committee, as well as any Heat Treat Live webcasts throughout the year.

The goal of this committee is to keep you informed so you can stay ahead of the changes in quality, and maximize your audit performance and customer service.  If you have any questions on MTI’s Technical Standards Committee, feel free to contact Tom Morrison at or 904-249-0448 x103.