ASTM Changes Coming on Portable Hardness Testing – YOU Need to Speak Out

By Jim Knight posted 10-11-2017 09:48


MTI’s Technical Standards Committee has been following and working on the issue of portable hardness testers through ASTM.  They are looking at a number of sweeping changes that any heat treater using portable hardness testers needs to be aware of.  These changes are being discussed in depth at the ASTM meeting in Atlanta, GA on Nov. 13-14.

CLICK HERE for full details of ASTM Meeting.

The following commentary is from Jim Knight of King Tester Corporation, who sits on the ASTM Committee and MTI Technical Standards Committee.  Read, provide comments on potential changes, and more importantly, if you can attend the November meeting in Atlanta, please do so.

“I am writing to you to emphasize the importance of the upcoming ASTM E 28 committee meeting in Atlanta on November 13-14. As you will recall, the proposed language changes relating to ASTM E 10, E 18, and E110 have been balloted and have been circulated amongst the committee members for voting and comments. These ballots and comments will be reviewed, and approved or dismissed at the upcoming.

As a member of the ASTM E 28 committee, I would like to impress upon you the importance of both this issue, and the importance of being present at the meeting in order to make known the heat treater perspective on the proposed changes. Written input in advance of the meeting, directed to Sam Lowe at NIST, is certainly helpful; however, in person representation is far more effective and tends to carry more weight. The ballots of the committee members, along with their comments, will be available for discussion in the meeting. Specifically, negative votes “only” can be found to carry little weight as a function of the conversation in the room that day.  The open conversation is what will determine the final outcome and vote.”

I have provided a link below to the specific language changes which are being proposed and I strongly encourage any MTI members with an interest in E 10, E18, or the E110 standards to attend the upcoming ASTM meeting to make their viewpoint heard, as well as email any comments you have to MTI’s Technical Standards Committee Liaison, Robert Peters at

CLICK HERE to view documents on portable hardness testing changes.

Let your voice be heard on this issue.