NAM a Worthwhile Investment

By Bob Hill posted 03-23-2017 14:11


Manufacturing in the United States is important to all of us and it is widely recognized as a driver of economic growth.  Right now, through our membership in the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), we have an opportunity to direct the focus of policymakers, to pro-growth, and innovative solutions that will have a positive impact on the business climate for years to come.


Solar Atmospheres has had a strong and growing partnership with the NAM, and I would highly encourage you to join me in NAM membership.  Your participation will help us all to capitalize on the many successes of the past year and continue to advance manufacturing competitiveness.


The year ahead will be pivotal, and the NAM’s mission is more important than ever.  As a member of the NAM Board of Directors, I have seen first-hand the remarkable results the association has achieved.  The NAM is widely recognized as Washington’s most effective organization for manufacturers, and leads the business community on a broad range of public policy issues important to commercial heat treaters success.


If you would like to join the over 13,000 other businesses in the US and become a member of NAM, please contact Daryl Muller at (202) 637-3031 or email him at  You may also visit to see more information on NAM.