Commercial Heat Treater

In today’s fast-changing heat treating industry, any one of 6 areas play a key role in your productivity and profits:

  • Ability to Forecast Your Future Sales with Accuracy and Clarity
  • Management of  Labor…Your #1 Cost
  • Having Well-Trained Employees on the Line, Led by Strong Leaders to Minimize Error Rates and Maximize Production and Service
  • Minimizing Your Costs Throughout the Plant
  • Protecting Your Company From Potential Liability Exposure From Your Customers
  • Connection to Other Key Executives in the Industry For Feedback on Opportunities and Challenges

Lacking in any one of these 6 areas can drain your profits without good data and access to proper resources.  A company would have to spend $40,000 or more for this type of information or resources needed to be successful.



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As a member of the Metal Treating Institute (MTI), you will spend a fraction for these valuable resources.  MTI is a non-profit trade association, focused on the success of every commercial heat treater.

Being a member of MTI can play a vital role in your profitability, as well as connect you with owners and executives of heat treating companies in over 40 states and Canada.

The MTI Board of Trustees are business owners and executives just like you, who have come to learn that there is power in joining together for the benefit of information and programs to enhance the image and profitability of your company.

If you are not sure of MTI membership, we encourage you to call Tom Morrison, CEO of MTI Management, and let him share the invaluable resources that MTI and its committees are working on to build value in your business and the industry.  Tom can be reached at 904-249-0448 or

We look forward to you being a supporting member of the heat treating industry.


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