Wage and Benefit Study



MTI is pleased to offer our members, the annual Wage & Benefit Survey for completion.  This annual study is conducted by MTI's third party firm Withum Audit, Tax and Advisory .  Withum is a nationally recognized firm specializing in tax, audits and advisory services.

This report is member's #1 resource for wage and benefit data for purposes of employee evaluation and raises.  This survey compares you to your competition nationally and locally in the area of hourly wages, salaried management and executives and your benefit structure.  This is a great tool to use in the employee evaluation process, giving raises, determining benefits or creating new positions.

To those of you who have not participated previously, here are a few key points:

1) MTI can assure you that participation is entirely voluntary.  Your information is kept in strict confidence with our research firm Withum Audit, Tax and Advisory .  No MTI member, nor individual in the MTI office, will ever see any individual reporting forms ... only the national composite. Your company's figures will be generated for your eyes only.

2) As with all surveys, the more who participate, the more reliable and valid our data is.  Do your best to participate.  The information you receive will be invaluable.

3) Only participants will receive survey results.

4) All participants will receive an individual report from the third party research firm noted above.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  MTI Wage and Benefit Survey Confidentiality Statement

Your individual data and report is held in strict confidence by our third-party provider performing the study, Withum Advisors.  No volunteer leader or any member has access to individual results.  You are the only one with access to member data collected through MTI’s benchmarking program.

Please use the wage and benefit job descriptions below so reporting will be as equal as possible.

CLICK HERE to see a 10 page sample of the Wage and Benefit Final Report which normally is 24 pages.


To participate, click the links below.

2017 Wage & Benefit Survey Instructions & Job Definitions:  CLICK HERE

2017 Wage and Benefit Data Submission Form (Excel Spreadsheet):  CLICK HERE 


QUESTIONS:   MTI Offices at 904-249-0448 or info@heattreat.net.